His Majesty’s Dragon – Naomi Novik

Book 1 of the Temeraire series. This book is great for fantasy fans and fans of alternate histories. I’m actually not a big fan of either, but I still LOVE this series.  I found the premise very intriguing – what if dragons had existed during the Napoleonic Wars and the British and French used them as an Air Corps? When Captain Will Laurence’s ship captures a French frigate with a dragon egg on board, Laurence finds himself swept out of his orderly seafaring life when he is chosen by the hatchling to be its captain. Laurence names the dragon Temeraire and the two bond instantly.  And it’s this bond that makes the series so special. Laurence has to fight against people treating dragons and their captains like second-class citizens in the armed forces – people are still afraid of dragons and the people who ride them are thought of as odd ducks. My verdict? High-flying adventures abound in this tale of a man and his dragon! (submitted by GH)

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