Garden Spells – Sarah Addison Allen

Anyone in the mood for a light, sweet story and some magic will enjoy this book, particularly if you like Southern US literature. You really do need to be in the mood to totally suspend your disbelief, but it’s worth it. The magical apples show the eater either the very best or very worst moment of their life. And each of the women in the Waverley family have a special gift. For example, caterer Claire cooks delicious dishes using edible flowers that affect the diner’s emotions. Their distant relative, Evanelle, has perhaps the most interesting yet frustrating skill – she gets feelings that she must give people things. All kinds of things – gadgets, spare change, clothing – she can’t rest until she’s given them the item and they always end up needing it, though sometimes for strange or unwelcome reasons. I love Addison’s writing style, and I was enchanted by these Spells, by the Waverly women, and by the whole town of Bascom, North Carolina. (submitted by GH)

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