Ender’s Game: Battle School – Orson Scott Card

It’s been years since I first read Ender’s Game and this time, reading the graphic novel, felt like I was reliving the story. The novel focuses on key events in the novel, but having already read the book, I did have insight and understanding on what is not presented in the graphic novel. The illustrations are superb, with an out-of-this-world feel. To see how Ender is at the mercy of the mind games and his struggle between being more like his sister or brother is incredibly illustrated in this retelling. Just to see the battle room, and the school where Ender struggles through the ranks is indeed, awesome. A definite read if you loved Ender’s Game, or just want to have the gist of the story without reading the novel. Make sure you check out the next one too, Ender’s Game: Command School(submitted by SMC)

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