Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: a rock ‘n roll memoir

After I finished this book, I couldn’t decide whether or not I loved Aerosmith rock god Steven Tyler even more, or whether I thought him rather a jerk. But I think I have to keep my major crush on him, because really, I shouldn’t be surprised that drug-addled rock stars aren’t always the nicest guys around. The book feels very much like a conversation (well, a one-sided one!) with Tyler – it’s frenetic and jumps around a lot, though it’s loosely chronological, starting with his childhood and ending in 2010.  I particularly enjoyed his descriptions of songwriting and his obvious love of words and language.   Tyler appears to have very little guilt about the bad and sometimes downright ugly things he’s done, which bothered me somewhat, although maybe that’s something that has come to him with age.  He’s gone through an awful lot of women, but I did find his love for his four children and his grandson touching. Whether or not I was entirely happy to have my illusions removed, I did love reading about the “Demon of Screamin’” in his own wild words and I have to say that for him to still be screamin’ and walking that way at 63 is pretty F-I-N-E fine. (submitted by GH)

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