Difficult Personalities: a practical guide to managing the hurtful behavior of others (and maybe your own)

I really enjoyed this book by Helen McGrath – it is a very worthwhile read, especially for those who work with the public.  The first two sections of the book deal with basic personality traits we all have, and how, when and why they can cause conflict with others (i.e. extrovert and introvert, factors that make a person bossy or negative).  She describes the common abrasive personalities who can make our daily lives miserable if we let them: neurotics, control freaks, and bullies – and then outlines some strategies on how to manage our relationships with them.  Next, she gives a detailed (and correct, in my opinion) description of  the most destructive of these personalities, the sociopath, and then provides some coping strategies when we’re not able to walk away from these people.  I learned a lot!  (submitted by JS)

Get this book now!

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