Tiger: a true story of vengeance and survival

Why did a tiger, in the wilds of eastern Siberia, lie patiently on a mattress waiting for a man to return to his cabin, kill him, and drag his body miles across the snow; then return, weeks later to stalk and methodically kill the man’s friend?  John Vaillant, author of the Golden Spruce, traveled as a journalist to eastern Russia to uncover the truth.  This is the story of a remote part of the world that includes trappers, poachers, outcasts, and wide-spread deforestation of tiger habitat.  He also looks at the uncanny abilities of the tiger to understand environment and humans. Vaillant begins to weave together the discordant strands into a story that’s stranger than fiction.  His work provides a compelling argument for the ecological preservation of the endangered Siberian tiger and the immense forests where the tigers have lived for tens of thousands of years. (submitted by AMW)

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