Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

It is 2044 and the earth is a dismal place with mass globalization, depleted natural resources,  world famine, and wars. Those who can, escape into the OASIS, a worldwide digital  virtual reality platform and gamers’ paradise. When OASIS creator James Halliday died, he announced that his entire fortune worth billions of dollars would go to  the OASIS Avatar who successfully completed a virtual quest steeped in 1980s movies, music, and videogames in search for three hidden keys. Years have gone by and no one has been successful in unravelling the mysterious clues from the deceased Halliday. Ready Player One tells the story of impoverished teenager, tech junkie, and Halliday-obsessed Wade Watts who becomes the first person to successfully seize the first key. As a child of the 80s, I loved the infinite references to 1980s pop culture and even though I’m not a gamer, I was sucked into the action-packed events as Watts and his friends competed against thousands of avatars including the henchmen of a murderous corporation in their race to solve the mysteries of the OASIS and to overcome the bleak realities of earth. (submitted by MR)

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One thought on “Ready Player One – Ernest Cline”

  1. My friend recommended this to me – she and her husband both loved it. I loved it, too, and then my husband stayed up all night reading it! 4 A-pluses right there. If you lived through the 80’s and/or are a geek in any way (film, TV, gaming, etc) this is the book for you.

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