Slow Death by Rubber Duck: how the toxic chemistry of everyday life affects our health

This is not for the faint-hearted, the germaphobic, or the chemical conspiracy theorists . It IS for those who have heard that too much (every day) raw tuna is a bad thing, that you really SHOULD read the labels and most importantly – everything in moderation.  This is a book written by two guys (Rick Smith and Bruce Laurie) who decided to put their minds and bodies where their mouths were. They became human guinea pigs in a medically-monitored environment.  The results are interesting, informative and very enlightening.  I especially enjoyed the comic interlude of one of the authors ripping off the pjs off his young son for fear that they were flammable,  whilst his wife sighs and watches on. Written in layman’s terms and it even has a local interest, all the lab tests were conducted in BC. (submitted by JB)

Get this book now!

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