The Story of Beautiful Girl – Rachel Simon

This is the story of Lynnie, a young white woman who has a developmental disability that hinders her ability to speak, and Homan, an African American deaf man, with only his home sign language to guide him.  Both were institutionalized in the mid-twentieth century, forgotten and unloved.  One night Lynnie and Homan escape.  They find refuge, and Lynnie gives birth to her child, a daughter.  Lynnie is eventually captured and returned to the institution, but Homan escapes capture.  And, so begins the story of three lives desperate to connect, but kept apart by seemingly insurmountable obstacles. I devoured this book.  It is lovingly written, and got under my skin and into my heart. (submitted by library customer YE)

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One thought on “The Story of Beautiful Girl – Rachel Simon”

  1. This sounds wonderful. I love how you say “under my skin and into my heart.” I, of course, am already hoping for a happy ending since this sounds quite sad from your synopsis. I will definitely be reading this though – thank you for the review and the recommendation! : )

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