Pure – Julianna Baggott

I haven’t read a story quite so unsettling in a long time.  The premise is simple: the Detonations have destroyed the world but some people made it into the Dome, where they escaped the Apocalypse unmarked.  But outside the Dome, people live scarred and melded with the items that were around them when the bombs went off.  Pressia was holding her doll and her fist is now made up of the doll’s head.  Other people have glass or metal or animals melded into them.  This book is shocking in its simplicity – the story unfolds because it couldn’t unfold any other way.  The writing is marvellous, you don’t even notice the phrases or sentences as you read them, you simply are part of the story.  This story and the characters stay with you a long time after you are finished reading.  I’m glad that there will be another novel in the series. (submitted by SB)

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