I Used to Know That: stuff you forgot from school

i_used_to_know_that_imageCaroline Taggart’s book design is reminiscent of an old school primer, which is fitting considering the content is a bit old-fashioned in promoting the joys and virtues of general knowledge.  There’s a lot I don’t remember from when I was in school. Once in a while a subject will come up in the news or elsewhere and I’ll have a nagging sensation that I once had some familiarity with the topic, or as the author would say an “I Used to Know That” moment. This is a great little reference book for people who need a refresher on topics that were covered, or should have been covered, in grade school.  At a slim 175 pages, this is not a book to develop expertise in a particular subject, but to refresh some basic concepts that many people learned (or endured) during their schooling and have probably long forgotten. Once you have “refreshed” on a subject you enjoy you are free to delve deeper into that subject on your own; however, this book offers a great head start. (submitted by AM)

Get this book now!

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