Still Alice – Lisa Genova

still_alice_imageThe storyline of a healthy intelligent woman professor at a highly ranked university in the States with early onset of Alzheimer’s disease really had an effective way of hitting home; the reality that it could happen to anyone of us. Imagining one minute you are a successful woman with a normal married life and have three intelligent, healthy and independent children within a matter of a couple of months there are signs of memory lapse and finally a decline in memory very quickly getting worse. There is denial from Alice’s husband and lots of research into the symptoms and then the final acceptance of Alzheimer’s diagnosis. I found myself unconsciously testing myself with memory exercises, the book was written so well , easy to follow and comprehend and emotional to the end. I learned a lot about the disease as the book progresses as Alice’s husband does a lot of research trying to first diagnose what her problem is and then find medicinal remedies to slow the process down. This book makes you stop and think and contemplate what we take for granted. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (submitted by PR)

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