Anticipated Results – Dennis E. Bolen

anticipated_results_imageFor some odd reason, I rarely read short stories. There are just so many fantastic novels out there! However, I’m glad I picked up Dennis E. Bolen’s Anticipated Results—it read like a novel as each poignant tale featured characters from the same group of disenchanted friends. Bolen’s writing was masterful and eloquent as he depicted the daily disappointments and dysfunctions of a subset of the Baby Boomer generation in Vancouver. A dinner party gone awry became a fantastic tale of suspense that left me chilled and really moved me. Bolen has a way with words and I look forward to reading other works by him.  (submitted by MS)

Read the book, meet the author! Dennis E. Bolen will be joining us for Authors Among Us: “Criminally Creative: different ways to write thrills and chills” on Wed. October 2, 7 – 8:30 pm at Guildford Library. Phone 604-598-7366 to secure a spot!

Get this book now!

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