The Hunchback Assignments – Arthur Slade

hunchback_assignments_imageNineteenth century London is the setting for Arthur Slade’s YA steampunk spy thriller series.  Blending espionage, fantastical adventure and a hint of melancholy, we follow teen secret agents Modo, a disfigured hunchback with the amazing ability to transform his appearance, and Octavia, fierce and cunning as they battle Her Majesty’s enemies. Plucked from poverty, orphans Octavia and Modo have been trained as two of England’s finest agents, yet they are still teenagers, unsure of themselves in one breath, filled with brazen determination in the next, making both sympathetic and richly drawn heroes.   Led by the mysterious and authoritative Mr. Socrates, they delve into the underbelly of the sinister criminal organization, the Clockwork Guild. Original and compelling, the amalgamation of steampunk and adventure make this book, the first in a series, an impressive debut.  This book is highly recommended for steampunk enthusiasts unafraid to be found reading YA. (submitted by QP)

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