Jeegareh Ma – Rahela Nayebzadah

jeegarah_ma_imageJeegareh Ma, which means “my love” in Farsi, is the autobiographical novel about an Afghani family that must flee from Afghanistan to Iran to Pakistan to India and eventually to Canada as refugees. This book demonstrates the strength and courage of a family that is constantly battling poverty and oppression while celebrating family and love. The book taught me much about Afghani culture and food and gave a convincing account of the hardships and joys of the immigrant experience. Rahela, her siblings, and her parents soon discover that Canada cannot live up to their  grandiose expectations, and tensions come to a head when a horrible tragedy befalls the family. Rahela has written a moving, poignant tale to keep her mother’s story alive and to honour her brother, “Jeegareh Ma.” (submitted by MS)

Meet Rahela in person at Authors Among Us “Marvellously Mundane: Inspired writing from the everyday” on Wed, Nov 7, 7-8:30pm at Guildford Library. Call 604-598-7366 to save your spot!

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One thought on “Jeegareh Ma – Rahela Nayebzadah”

  1. I wish that I had read this review in time to come and listen to the author speak. This sounds like a story that would touch our hearts as we encounter new immigrants to Canada often,and really have no understanding of their back story.

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