Unleashing Mr. Darcy – Teri Wilson

unleashing_mr_darcy_imageAs a fan of both dogs and Austen, I was initially unsure what to make of this. Modern adaptations of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice either hit the mark or leave readers wanting. Happily, Wilson’s novel belongs in the first group. Set in present day New York and London, Elizabeth Scott and Donovan Darcy meet and trade quips in the world of competitive dog shows. A lot reminds us that this is indeed the modern era: Starbucks, paparazzi and tabloids, Harrod’s pet spa (there really is one), and designer references (Chanel, Marchesa, etc.). There are recognizable elements from the original: great insight into human behaviour, plausible misunderstandings, and a great supporting cast of characters. All in all Unleashing Mr. Darcy is a light, fun reimagining of a classic and a great way to spend an afternoon. (submitted by CC)

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