Our Interrupted Fairy Tale: a true story

our interrupted fairy tale imageMegan is only 16 years old when she meets 26-year-old Chad at the North Vancouver tennis club where they are both promising tennis players. Days later, Chad is diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the blood with no cure. When Megan runs into Chad three years later, she is delighted that he is alive! What follows is a tumultuous love story that spans several years and many ups and downs as they deal with their age differences, separation due to school and travel, and most importantly, Chad’s long battle with cancer. With excerpts from their diaries, blogs, and letters to one another, this one was a tear-jerker that had me crying on the skytrain. Anyone who has cared for a sick loved one will relate to this true story of a local Vancouverite. (submitted by MS)

Meet local author Megan Williams in person at Authors Among Us: Keep Calm and Carry On – Overcoming Life Challenges at Guildford Library on Wed, December 3 at 7pm. Save your free spot at 604-598-7366.

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