Like a Rock: the Chuck Cadman story

like a rock imageSurrey’s Now journalist Tom Zytaruk gives us an in-depth biography about a fascinating local icon—a man who was thrown into the public sphere after a horrific act of violence. Chuck Cadman’s world was changed forever on October 18, 1992 after his 16-year-old son Jesse was stabbed by another teenager, Isaac Deas, in a random act of violence in the Guildford neighbourhood. Chuck and his wife Dona were spurred into action to protest the slack laws in place for violent young offenders, and Chuck went on to represent the people of Surrey North in Ottawa as a Member of Parliament. A natural, well-spoken leader, Chuck had a way of garnering support and fighting for justice even as he blew stereotypes away with his long grey pony-tail and blue jeans. Zytaruk has written an emotional biography that spans from Cadman’s childhood to his death of cancer in 2005. It was a moving tribute and a well–researched examination of a prominent Surrey figure (submitted by MS).

Meet journalist Tom Zytaruk at Authors Among Us: Trailblazers and Pathfinders-Making our Own Way on Wed, March 4 at 6:30pm at Guildford Library. Call 604-598-7366 to save your spot.

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