Realm of the Goddess – Sabina Khan

realm of the goddess imageSurrey author Sabina Khan tells the story of seventeen-year old Callie of Seattle, a girl living a normal existence until she starts to experience grave nightmares of herself in a battlefield facing a horde of demons. Callie soon discovers that she is the avatar of the Hindu Goddess Kali and it is her destiny to vanquish Mahisha, the King of Demons. Callie embarks on a trip to India in search of the Sword of Knowledge, where she encounters death-hungry demons as well as budding romance. Fast-paced, action-packed, steeped in Hindu mythology, I enjoyed reading this teen novel that might be the first in a series. (submitted by MS)

Meet Sabina at Authors Among Us: History Writes—Inspired and Remembered at City Centre Library on Sat, May 9 at 2pm. Call 604-598-7426 to save your spot. 

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