419 — Will Ferguson

419I really liked the book 419 by Will Ferguson.  419 is a reference to the Nigerian Criminal Code that deals with email fraud/scams.  The story begins with the tragic death of the heroine’s near-retirement father.  As the roads were snow-covered  and icy at the time,  the investigators assume, at first, that it was an accident.  However, there are some inconsistencies.  As the story progresses Laura realizes that her dad was tricked out of his life savings by a Nigerian email scammer.  Laura works as a professional proof reader and notices some grammatical/vocabulary irregularities in the scammer’s communications and wonders if she could track this person down on the internet by the same odd grammatical/vocabulary usages found in current scams.  Thus begins a harrowing odyssey from North America to Africa in pursuit of justice to be served. (submitted by Melanie)

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