Momma, Momma, the Preacher’s Comin’ by Doreen Brust Johnson

Local Surrey author, Doreen Brust Johnson, felt compelled to write this account of her mother’s life. Born in 1939, Doreen grew up in rural northern Saskatchewan before moving to Vancouver as a teen. The story opens with adult Doreen in a coma as a result of a car accident–her elderly mother sits by her side and weaves a tale of hardship, love, and courage. To help Doreen through her coma, her mother shares the stories of growing up in the early part of the 20th century — the World Wars, the depression, and traveling north to become homesteaders.

I enjoyed this historical account of Canadian life — it reminded me of how important it is to share stories with one another. Listen to your elders, to your parents–ask questions and learn. I look forward to meeting Doreen at Authors Among Us at City Centre Library on Sat, April 16 at 12:45pm. Call 604-598-7426 to save your spot! (Submitted by Meghan).

Get this book now!

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