For Want of Wonders by Richard Payment

In For Want of Wonders, we are introduced to 10 year-old Vishesh, a boy living in Nargol, India. He loves cricket (mostly the numbers involved in the game–keep the action away from him) and he witnesses something during one of the games that impacts his life forever. I was compelled as soon as I picked up this book to hear Vishesh’s story–Payment’s words are poetic, evocative, and soothing. As writer Frank Delaney expressed, “In Rabindranath Tagore’s footsteps, Richard Payment writes beautifully, and generates a moving evanescence, working, as he does, in the age-old but always compelling area between writing and dreaming. This is as much a prose poem as it is a novel, the kind of book and writer we must not lose in the new unsatisfying welter that corporate book publishing has become.” (Submitted by MS).

Meet Richard at Authors Among Us on Saturday, April 16 at City Centre Library at 12:45pm as part of the Write Here, Read Now festivities. Call 604-598-7426 to save your spot.

Get this book now!

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