We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen

Image result for we found a hatJon Klassen’s new book We Found a Hat finally fell into my hands at the City Centre Library. Magical and touching are my first thoughts. I have enjoyed both the book and felt-story of I Want My Hat Back and the book This Is Not My Hat so I have been eagerly awaiting the conclusion of Klassen’s picture-book trilogy.   Again, I have to use the words magical and touching, as through the intertwining of word and illustration Klassen leaves behind Bear and Rabbit, as well as theft, rage and revenge. He leaves behind the small theft by a small fish and the dark conclusion when the large fish and original owner of the hat finds the small thief. As much as I have found ways to make these dark messages funny and have enjoyed the shared laughter with the diverse ages in my Storytimes, I was also often pulled in different directions. Violence and revenge are not patterns that I would want to emulate or encourage to the many loving families that I meet in the Library. So to read the story of two turtles that are friends and choose not to steal or lie or hurt each other, but instead choose to share their dreams and hopes to each other inspires me to for a third time to describe it as magical and touching. (Submitted by Inti).

Get this book now!


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