Faithful by Alice Hoffman

Image result for faithful book cover alice hoffmanFaithful is the tale of Shelby, a teenager who survives a horrific car accident that leaves her best friend in a coma and Shelby with depression, survivor’s guilt, and PTSD. Her promising young life takes an abrupt swerve into the dark and unknown, and we follow Shelby along into adulthood.

It’s a simple story, really, and driven mostly by the mere passing of Shelby’s years. But it’s beautiful. I said “tale” earlier, because it’s not just a story about a woman, it’s a tale of redemption, of forgiveness, of romance and of mothers and daughters. Just a whisper around the edges of a fairy tale element – some symbolism, for those on the lookout for that sort of thing, and slow, gradual progress from unhappy to happy.

For those who like sad but happy books, rescuing stray dogs, complicated female characters, and Chinese takeout. I loved it. (Submitted by Veronica).

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