Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me

Image result for glen campbell i'll be meThis DVD documents country superstar Glen Campbell’s final cross country farewell tour before he completely succumbed to his Stage 4 Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  This bittersweet documentary is at times heart wrenching, funny, nostalgic, and frightening.  If one word to describe this film might be used to summed up this herculean effort it could be “brave.”  He played 151 shows over a period of a  year and a half,  and was still rocking to the end. (Submitted by MB).

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Searching for Sugar Man DVD

 searching-for-sugar-man-posterSixto Rodriguez failed as a young singer in the early 1970s,  but managed to scrape by making a living for the next 40 years working as a day labourer in Detroit.  Unbeknownst to him, he had been and still was a Superstar in South Africa.  Watch the unbelievable story unfold as the documentarians try to trace how he died and their shocking subsequent discoveries.  Witness his triumphant sold-out concert in South Africa and finally his return home. Truly life is sometimes stranger than fiction! ( Submitted by Melanie)

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