Dissolution – C.J. Sansom

As a new season the The Tudors begins, I am reminded of my love of the Shardlake series of historical mysteries by C.J. Sansom. Set in the time of Henry VIII, they revolve around the life of lawyer Matthew Shardlake whose work keeps him in the periphery of the Court. In this first book, he is hired by Thomas Cromwell to facilitate the removal of stubborn monks refusing to leave their monastery. There are four other titles in this series. These are big books, well- researched with complex plots & well-drawn characters that put you right in the dirt, smells, and the political intrigue of 16th century London. (submitted by LL)

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The Calling – Inger Ash Wolfe

I read a lot of crime fiction & mysteries, and I have just discovered this author. It is a pseudonym for an apparently well-known Canadian writer of literary fiction. The quality of writing shows. The first of two books, it takes place in a small town north of Toronto. Senior police officer Hazel Micallef is 60 years old, divorced, living with her mother, and coping with severe back pain. The crimes revolve around psychologically disturbed individuals and have some gruesome details. However, it is redeemed by the wonderfully drawn character of Hazel, as she struggles with her personal life, her infirmity, and her place in a changing police force. (submitted by LL)

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