5 Secrets to Effective Communication: creating meaningful relationships and enhanced happiness in your business life

5 secrets to effective communicationLocal author Sandy Chernoff, a communication consultant and owner of Soft Skills for Success, offers readers how-to tips for improving communication at work and in their daily lives. She focuses on five ways to improve communication including active listening, accountability, assertiveness, adjusting for gender differences, and tuning into personality types. Full of exmaples from her own experiences, this was a quick read with some useful ideas. A good resource for anyone interested in self-help books related to communication, business, and leadership. (submitted by MS)

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Persuasion: a new approach to changing minds

persuasion_imageThis book was so good that I hesitate to recommend it as I recognize the edge it gives the reader in both career and personal pursuits.  Have you ever wanted advice from a “Dragon” (from the TV show, Dragon’s Den)?  This is your chance because the author reveals all her secrets to success.  It is not a dry text but an amazing story of failure, growth and achievements.   The lessons translate because they address human interactions, not only business relationships.  At 31, Arlene Dickinson was a  single mother of four with a high school diploma.  Ten year later she was the CEO of Venture Communications.  It’s not just a matter of a formula and pure luck….read on! (submitted by MB)

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The Leader Who Had No Title: a modern fable on real success in business and in life

It’s a little corny, but I loved the simplicity of this book. It’s a fable intertwined with messages and practical tips on inspiring each of us to be ‘leaders’, regardless of what we do at work, what level in the hierarchy we’re at, or just generally in our day-to-day lives. Something that everyone should read. (submitted by SB)

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Women, Work and the Art of Savoir Faire: business sense & sensibility

Author Mireille Guiliano helps women succeed, full stop. She describes a holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of life, drawing from her own life experiences. Using lessons learned in the business world, Guiliano shows how they can apply in the everyday.  I really enjoyed her approach to success and it gave me a lot of fruit for thought about success in my own life. (submitted by ZZ)

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25 Things to Say to the Interviewer, To Get the Job You Want

Much to my surprise, I  loved this eAudiobook – it is only about a hour long – and it gives very good general advice about what to say at an interview and how to conduct yourself at work. It focuses on working in the for-profit business world with consumers and clients, but its advise is broadly applicable.  Practical life-lessons for all ages, particularly those of us who are in the first half of our working lives. (submitted by Jen)

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Too Big To Fail: the inside story of how Wall Street and Washington fought to save the financial system from crisis — and themselves

What a soap opera!  Andrew Ross Sorkin uses his behind-the-scenes access to lay out the details of the recent financial crisis, from the failure of Lehman Brothers to the near failure of other key financial players.  This is riveting and page-turning stuff – you can also get updates on this ever-changing drama on his blog, dealbook, for the continuing story.  It’s a big book, and I couldn’t put it down.  If you want a moment-to-moment breakdown of the events and decisions made by the big boys in 2008-2009, you’ll enjoy this one.  I certainly did.  Update: HBO is making it into a movie. (submitted by Jen)

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