Pass the Masala: vegetarian Indian cooking made simple by Bharti Saincher

Image result for pass the masala book coverIn Pass the Masala, Surrey local Bharti Saincher gives us Indian recipes that she has perfected for decades. She has also included a few favourite recipes from China, Thailand, and Mexico. Unlike traditional Indian cooking, she has made an effort to reduce the amount of butter and/or oil to the minimum needed to make the dish delicious and she embraces using modern kitchen conveniences if it makes cooking more efficient or effective.

I enjoyed this cookbook because Bharti Saincher also educates us on the history of foods in certain regions, different techniques for cooking, and the parts of a traditional Indian meal. She gives quick tips on how to adjust if a dish is too salty/dry/runny/etc. The book includes an in-depth reference guide and very thorough instructions that make Indian cooking less daunting to those of us who may not have cooked Indian dishes. My mouth is watering! (Submitted by Meghan).

Meet Bharti Saincher in person at Authors Among Us: Foodie February at Guildford Library tomorrow, Wed, Feb 15 at 6:30pm. Call 604-598-7366 to save your spot!

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi DVD

810Fw8dOh4L._SL1500_In Japan, there are hundreds of sushi restaurants, but among them only one has a world renowned rating of 3 Michelin Stars. Jiro is  well advanced in years, and in his dedication, he is still striving for perfect sushi. In a world where sushi has become common place, discover the lengths that Jiro and his two sons have gone to recreate sushi and stand above all other restaurants. I love sushi and this movie has given me a new appreciation of this food as an art form. One thing is certain, I will now add this place to my bucket list of a ‘once in a life time experience’.  (submitted by Sarah)

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Consider the Fork: a history of how we cook and eat

consider_the_fork_imageThis is truly a book to savour – I really enjoyed this book by Bee Wilson. I am in love with the subject of “food”. I have to know its history. What were we eating in the old days & how we “evolved” to today’s techniques, tools – to continue to enjoy the life that we have. (submitted by SF)

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Absolutely Chocolate: irresistible excuses to indulge

I love chocolate and so do the editors of Fine Cooking.  Delicious recipes and useful tips for all kinds of chocolate treats: cookies, brownies, cakes, ice-cream, pies, puddings & mousse, candies, sauces, breads, drinks…wow, perfect for a choco-holic like me!(submitted by library customer R)

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The Cracker Kitchen: a cookbook in celebration of cornbread-fed, down-home family stories and cuisine

Janis Owens writes up great family stories along with her recipes and I really enjoyed her humour – it’s well-written and it made me want to try these recipes of down-home southern US cooking. (submitted by library customer R)

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