The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison

Image result for THE SILENT WIFE BOOK COVERA friend recommended The Silent Wife after I enjoyed reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl.

The story is told in alternating voices of main characters, Todd, and his common-law wife Jodi.  The couple’s seemingly perfect relationship, which includes flourishing careers and a luxury waterfront condo, unravels in the aftermath of Todd’s adulterous lifestyle.

Both characters are unlikeable.  But the author’s meticulous account of Jodi’s unspoken turmoil, set against the picture perfect view from the calm of her tony surroundings, kept me turning the pages.

It is unfortunate that this Canadian author passed away from cancer just months before her first novel was published. (Submitted by TS).


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Blind Sight by Carol O’Connell

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The main character in this story is Kathy Mallory, who prefers to be known as Mallory, a highly intelligent police detective in New York. She grew up on the streets and is not only street savvy but her high IQ leads her to solving crimes in a unique and sometimes “off the books” type of way. The latest case is that of a possible serial killer who has, perhaps inadvertently, kidnapped a witness, only to find that the witness, a young boy, was blind.  Jonah, the kidnap victim shows us that being blind doesn’t mean you miss out on what life has to offer. Smells, touch, sense (wind, heat, taste) all contribute to a very vivid circumstance that Jonah is determined to overcome. What is the kidnapper/killer to do with him?  Will Mallory find the boy alive or dead? As more and more secrets are revealed, from the rich to the poor, the politically mighty to the Catholic church, Mallory and the New York police are racing against time.   A well-written interwoven tale that keeps you guessing page turn after page turn. (Submitted by Jamie).

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Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Image result for pet sematary book coverIn the small town of Ludlow the Creed family settles in to their new home along a busy highway. In this household the topic of death is taboo until the family pet gets run over in the road. This incident leads the Creed family down the long, dark path to the Pet Sematary and when further trauma occurs, Louis Creed, the father, goes beyond the Pet Sematary to the Micmac burial grounds where unspeakable actions take place. This family faces unimaginable horror of both mental and supernatural extremes and learn the hard way that sometimes dead is better.

King states this is his scariest novel ever written and I have to agree that it is up there as one of my favorites. What I found interesting about this story is that the idea came to him after a similar experience occurred to his family. He had to bury his daughter’s cat in a make shift pet cemetery and even more horrifying was when his son ran towards a busy road with King getting to him just in time, resulting in a story created by that “what if..” outcome. (Submitted by Jess).

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The Martian by Andy Weir


Image result for the martian bookI was told to read The Martian by outside sources which initially made me resist the idea (as did the imminent movie and general dislike for mass consumption Sci Fi novels).  This was a mistake. By far my favourite read of 2015, The Martian exceeded my expectations. Told through the voice of Mark Watney, a sarcastic Botonist/Astronaut/General Fix-it Man, the reader is swept into a survival story like none before: survival on Mars! Mark Watney is abandoned on Mars after a sandstorm separates him from his crew. He must employ his considerable skills to survive and possibly make it back to earth. Andy Weir manages to combine plausible science and edge of your seat drama to write this compelling tale.  The constant cliff hangers and hilarious wit of Mark Watney made this not only a read all night book, but also a read twice in one week book! (Submitted by CB).

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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

A scam artist posing as a psychic latches on to one of her clients and gets much more than she bargained for in Gillian Flynn’s eerie, engrossing novella “The Grownup.” Fans of Flynn’s caustic wit, dark humor and very messed up female protagonists won’t be disappointed, and fans of ghost stories looking for a quick read will be satisfied as well. The story is fast paced (a very quick 63-paged read) and, in true Gillian Flynn fashion, full of twists. It leaves you on a “I’m not sure what I just read” kind of note.  Recommended for a rainy evening or a long bus ride! (Submitted by Mandi).

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Cordelia by Marty Allen

Cordelia is the first novel in a crime series by Richmond-based author Marty Allen. Corporal James Vaanes returns to his hometown of Campbell River on Vancouver Island after two decades spent investigating major crimes in Surrey, BC. When a young Aboriginal woman is murdered, Corporal Vaanes and his team try to track down her killer only to discover a maze of intrigue involving drugs, local politicians, and unsolved crimes from the mainland. (Submitted by MS.)

Meet Marty at Authors Among Us-The Dark Side: The Craft of Writing about Death, Demons, and Despair at Guildford Library on Wed, Oct 7 from 6:30-8:30pm. Call 604-598-7366 to save your spot.

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