I know I am Precious and Sacred by Debora Abood

preciousI came upon this book by accident, while searching for something else. But, as you all probably know, many of the best things in life come as a surprise and turn out to be completely different from what we were initially looking for. When I saw this picture book, the title got hold of my attention and I started reading it. Inside, there is a powerful voice that is telling a child (or you, as a reader) as to why everyone is special and precious. The many reasons why every child and every being is unique and valuable are shared through a strong and flowing verse. This beautiful poetic language is accompanied by gorgeous, photography. The combination of the two gives this book a breath and a heart beat (the latter one is like a steady beat of a mini drum). Highly recommend this First Nations picture book to anyone who wants to empower a child (or anyone else!). The book is all about self-confidence, respect for others, and appreciation of life. (Submitted by Mariya)

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Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images by Terence Dickinson

Image result for hubble's universe book coverHubble’s Universe is a feast for the eyes with stunningly beautiful images of space and just as stunning facts about our universe.

The book will quench the thirst for knowledge and details about cosmos for science-oriented individuals and it will be entertaining and not daunting for those who only want to dip their toes into space matters. There is a fine balance between the written information and spectacular visuals; so, at the end, you don’t get tired of either one. If you would like to explore the universe and see new galaxies, meet new planets,  learn about the dark matter, and see places you have never seen – all at no cost, come to Surrey Libraries and borrow the Hubble’s Universe: Greatest Discoveries and Latest Images(Submitted by Mariya T)

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